Skyrim Super Bowl Sim Says Giants Win in a Rout

Today's Super Bowl between the Giants and the Patriots won't be much of a contest, if 1Up's simulation of 11 giants versus 11 Stormcloak patriots is any indication. Look for a lot of career-ending injuries late in the game.


The Giants pounded the patriots with a relentless pass rush, though they were briefly stopped cold early on. But the patriots just didn't have the magic today, and ran out of stamina early in the third quarter.

For those keeping score, previous simulations of Super Bowl XLVI have predicted:

• A 27-24 Giants victory [Madden NFL 12]


• A 45-31 Patriots victory [NFL 2K5]

With The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim supplying the decisive tiebreaker, I think it's safe for you to go out and bet the meadery on New York.

Skyrim Predicts the Super Bowl [1Up]

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