Have You Ever Seen All the Mega Man Games at Once?

Illustration for article titled Have You Ever Seen All the Mega Man Games at Once?

Well apparently, now you have. A diehard Mega Man (Rockman in Japan) fan displayed his collection of Mega Man's Japanese games for all to see.

I cannot decide if this is totally cool or totally insane. One thing I do know: I sure don't like that orange blanket.


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Megaman Battle Network was my field of expertise when it came to handheld competitive gaming! I still remember when I destroyed, no; annihilated people in those games. Especially with Cybeast Gregar and Falzar! I would just unleash havoc on noobs. :) Man, I'm geeking out right here with this flashback. I even got my GB with both BN6 in my bookbag for college right at this moment! C'ya, gotta go play some MM!

P.S. Haven't played the new Megaman Zeros for DS, are they good and worth it?