My First PlayStation Vita Game, Courtesy of Walmart

Just because the PS Vita isn't out for another ten days in North America doesn't mean you can't start picking up your launch games in advance. This poor little guy looked so out of place in Walmart's PlayStation section I just had to take him home.

I wasn't specifically planning on picking up ModNation Racers: Roadtrip when I collect my paid off PS Vita early start bundle from my local video game retailer next week, but when it's two in the morning and you can't find any blind sealed My Little Pony figures for your wife-figure you've got to buy something, right?


I'd imagine this was something Walmart meant to keep in the back room until system launch day, but with no chance of anyone purchasing the system beforehand I don't suppose selling a few games early is going to hurt anything. Especially when it's only ModNation. It's a fun game but I don't foresee an eBay-friendly shortage to arise.

Right then. *sets game on desk, stares at it until February 15*

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