AT LEAST IT'S NOT TEAM JUGGERNAUT -Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson tweets out about prepping for the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Steam Hacked, Valve Investigating Possible Credit Card Theft

A message sent just now from Valve Corporation head Gabe Newell says credit card numbers and other personal information were inside a database compromised during a defacement attack on the Steam forums this Sunday.
Valve is advising all of its Steam customers to keep close eye on their credit card... More »

Assassin's Creed Revelations Launch Trailer Doesn't Bother Sneaking Up on You

What happens when bad-asses get old? They look back into history at the fates of other, long-dead badasses. Watch the latest trailer for the finale of Ezio Auditore's saga and see how UbiSoft plans on making the gray-bearded assassin go out with a bang.

You can contact Evan Narcisse, the author... More »

Crafting My Dragonborn Identity in Skyrim, Now Pronounced "Skrim"

Gather round, boys and girls, and I'll tell you the heroic tale of the Dragonborn, the legendary Wood Elf, Redguard, or possibly Khajiit man or maybe woman...I suppose we'd better clear up the particulars before moving into the main story. More »

Avoid Speed Traps, Downed Trees, Traffic Jams And Level Up While You're Doing It

Waze isn't a game, not really, but I can't help using it like one.
My wife gets viciously car sick when I drive, maybe because of how I drive. So she does a lot of the driving in our family, which leaves me with a lot of time to help her navigate and play games on my iPhone. More »

Are We Putting Too Much Emphasis on First-Person Shooter Stats?

In today's 75 percent accurate edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter BattleMoose87 wonders if we aren't giving first-person shooter statistics more weight than they deserve. More »

Steve Goes to Las Vegas in the Official Minecon Trailer

The hapless hero of Mojang's sandbox construction phenomenon gets a first-class trip to Sin City in this video made to promote the first MineCon. Created by H.A.T. More »

Drugs, Carnies, and Hats: The Multiplayer Shooter EA Killed

Blood Dust is a multiplayer shooter on steroids. Literally. You fight against spies. You fight against soliders. You fight against carnival freaks. And you're all fighting for "blood dust", a drug that's like steroids but a hundred times better. More »

Activision Hands Out a Free Month to Paying Members of Call of Duty Elite As Outage Continues

Call of Duty Elite remains basically down and out three days after the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Activision said today they will be extending all one-year paid memberships to the service by 30 days to help make up for the outage.
They are also extending the ability to sign up as a... More »

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Has Game Reviewers Shouting Its Name

The launch of a new entry in The Elder Scrolls series isn't just a game release, it's the beginning of countless adventures; the origin point for millions of tales waiting to be told. More »

What Super Mario Is

I recently heard from a reader who didn't understand what was wonderful about The Legend of Zelda games. I tried to explain. And then I heard from him again.
What, he asked, about Mario? More »

This Is Either Skyrim's Greatest Bug or Its Greatest Feature

The Elder Scrolls series has had its fair share of glitches across its long history, some more interesting than others. The event in this video rides the line between entertaining glitch and fantastic feature.
Watch as the swinging club of an enemy giant sends the player soaring upwards, to the... More »

How Much Would You Pay For Single-Player or Multiplayer?

Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 are two of the most hyped video games of this fall season. The people who buy them-and who will enjoy them-may only play half of them. More »

"Tale of the DragonBorn" Tackles Skyrim's Unspoken, Inter-Species Hook-Ups

It's the elephant in the room at the core of Bethesda's lauded action/RPG that's out tomorrow: how does one get dragon blood in the family tree, anyway? More »

Jump Into Uncharted 3 with The Kotaku Game Club Right Here!

Howdy folks, welcome to week two of Kotaku Game Club: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. (Extra colons are extra fun.) We're going over the middle leg of the Uncharted 3 adventure today.


In case you missed last week and/or every single Game Club to date, The Kotaku Game Club convenes to analyze and... More »

Report: Zynga Demands Stock Back From Employees, Threatens to Fire Them

The man behind monster hits FarmVille, Mafia Wars and CityVille is scrambling to reclaim some of the stock options he handed out to long-time employees, the Wall Street Journal reports.
Citing several employees, the Wall Street Journal article says Zynga CEO Mark Pincus and a cadre of executives... More »

30 Seconds of Skyward Sword: A Most Unusual Place

My favorite location in The Legend of Zelda is its expansive desert region. That zone begins at the mouth of a mine, where technology appears to be more advanced than it ever has been in any other Zelda game. More »

The Halo Remake's Kinect Features Aren't On the Disc, For Quality Reasons

There is no mention of Kinect support on the box of next week's HD 10th-anniversary remake of Halo: Combat Evolved. That doesn't mean the features were cut. More »

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