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30 Seconds of Skyward Sword: A Most Unusual Place

My favorite location in The Legend of Zelda is its expansive desert region. That zone begins at the mouth of a mine, where technology appears to be more advanced than it ever has been in any other Zelda game.


I want those of you who are on the fence about this game or those of you who don't mind some video tourism to take a look at this place. And listen to it, too. I'll take you to the edge of the area's first wonderful surprise, but I won't spoil what happens next. That's for Skyward Sword players to enjoy for themselves.

This new Zelda excels at bringing players to interesting, beautiful, unusual places. I hope that comes through in this clip. Enjoy.


For more of my favorite 30-second Skyward Sword moments, go here.

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Paradox me

10 more days! It's so far away, and then I have the excitement surrounding Skyrim's release making me more excited for my most anticipated game this year. It's gonna be a long 10 days.

I hope there was some truth to Skyward Sword lasting 50-100 hours. I'm guessing you aren't allowed to comment on the game's length so far, eh Totilo?