“Tale of the DragonBorn” Tackles Skyrim’s Unspoken, Inter-Species Hook-Ups

It's the elephant in the room at the core of Bethesda's lauded action/RPG that's out tomorrow: how does one get dragon blood in the family tree, anyway? YouTube video purveyors The GameStation and the Warp Zone answer that question in NSFW fashion in their latest short. I love the quasi-medieval illustrations in the family journal. No one should have any questions after looking at those.

Skyrim - Tale of the DragonBorn

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I don't understand though, from a biological standpoint aren't any two creatures that can spawn offspring also capable of reproducing (that is, not infertile like a Liger or a Mule) the same species? Does that mean elves, humans, dragons, orcs, etc are all technically the same species???