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Howdy folks, welcome to week two of Kotaku Game Club: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. (Extra colons are extra fun.) We're going over the middle leg of the Uncharted 3 adventure today.

In case you missed last week and/or every single Game Club to date, The Kotaku Game Club convenes to analyze and discuss games piece by piece. Let me be the first one to say that it's been a challenge not to just zip through all of Uncharted 3, but the reward is a focused analysis of aspects in games that might not make it into a review.


Before you continue into the discussion, a little disclaimer: There will be massive spoilers below from the first two thirds of Uncharted 3. If you haven't played far into the campaign, yet, this might not be the post for you. Conversely, if you've already beat the game, we will only be discussing up to chapter 18 today. Please try not mention anything that happens at the end of the game until next week, when we'll tackle the ending.

Alright, here's a jumping-off point in case you didn't have an issue you already wanted to discuss:

Do you think Uncharted 3's increased emphasis on combat has hurt or helped the game's formula?


The chapters we played this week included some of the most combat-heavy sequences in the game so far. Though there were puzzles early on, by chapter 18 it seems that those sections had been replaced with bigger shootouts. Do you think that the extra shooting makes the game more exciting from moment to moment, or do you feel like it negatively effects the game's flow?

At next week's meeting of the Kotaku Game Club be discussing the last chapters Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Make sure to come back to Kotaku next Thursday, November 17th, at 4pm Eastern.

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Koda Kazar

I have to say, the big focus on firefights kills not only kills the flow of the game, but makes the shortcomings in the weapon gameplay VERY glaring. It especially makes the aiming issues in the game stand out, because in UC1 and UC2, whenever a big firefight moment would come, I had no problem hiding behind cover and popping people for headshots, but in UC3 I'm actually kind of lucky to get a headshot. I've since given up getting headshots in favor of just aiming at the torso, just so I know my bullets will hit something. :^\

Also, I have to say the firefights are really badly laid out in this game. Just too many enemies for the areas the firefights take place in.

However, on the flip side, I find it both interesting and sad that the best part in the game, from a gameplay side, is the least important part to the main overall story, and that is the ship graveyard/Ramses' ship levels. They do NOTHING to move the story forward, hell from a storyline standpoint if you cut these levels out, you don't really miss a thing, story wise. But, they are the most fun parts of the game to play. Except for the firefight sections on Ramses' ship. Screw those. >:^(