You never have to worry about storage when the Week in Gaming Apps contains a Katamari game, only gravitational pull, intense heat, and the odd zombie.

Katamari Amore kicked off a week of the best (or at least notable) gaming apps available for iOS, Android, and sometimes Windows Phone 7 (just not this week). After that particular fruit roll-up we moved on to lazy dragons, paper bombs, gauntleted mages, and a pack of tools perfect for surviving the next undead plague, at least until the closing credits when the government sets off a nuclear device in your town.


If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

That's Katamari Amore!

Katamari rolls on to the iPhone. Again. This time, the result is better. While it's still not as good as the original console games, this is finally an iOS Katamari title that does the the King of Cosmos proud. More »

Our Giant Monsters Used to Rampage; Now They Sit, Spit, and Burn the City

What's happened to the monster work ethic in North America? There was a time when a giant fire-breathing lizard wasn't afraid to get up to their elbows in urban renewal. Now they relax at a safe distance, destroying buildings with fiery physics. More »

Fuze Lets You Play Around With Throbbing Bombs and Premature Explosions

Bombs. They're always around in pop culture, getting thrown by people, set to timers and self-destructing secret lairs. Getting them to not blow up continuously gets put across as a complicated venture requiring coolants, special scissors and special knowledge of red, black, blue or green wires. More »

Here's Why The Legend of Zelda Should Come To the iPhone

Mage Gauntlet is the sort of game that should have Nintendo rethinking their policies on bringing their wonderful, vibrant catalog of games to mobile devices. More »

Every Day is a Struggle to Survive with Zombie Tools

Nuclear apocalypse? Zombie apocalypse? Whichever you think is more likely, the makers of August's PipClock have you covered with a new suite of iPhone tools sure to come in handy when society completely disintegrates, yet again. More »