That's Katamari Amore!

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Katamari rolls on to the iPhone. Again. This time, the result is better. While it's still not as good as the original console games, this is finally an iOS Katamari title that does the the King of Cosmos proud.

I Love Katamari came out on the iPhone in 2008, and it was broken at launch. People hated it!

Katamari Amore is a far more polished, better controlling version. This a solid iOS Katamari entry.


Once again, you are the Prince and you must roll up items for the King.

Katamari Amore brings single stick controls as well as dual stick (finger, actually) controls, which are closer to what seasoned Katamari players are used to.

I found the dual controls better than I thought they would be, but still weren't (in my opinion) the best controls offered: The single stick controls.

The tilt controls were pretty bad, but tilt controls are generally pretty bad.

There's a free version, which features one mode in one level. If you want more, you must shell out $3.99 for a level pack, which comes with six levels.


That seems somewhat expensive, especially in an age when you can get Angry Birds for $.99 and get continuous updates.

While playing through the free mode, I felt inundated by Katamari Amore to buy levels, making the "free version" less fo a "free version" and more of a demo. It also felt like a hardsell. Katamari Amore doesn't need the hardsell. It's better than that.


Katamari Amore [iTunes]

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ok ... from now on mondays will be katamari's songs days