Bombs. They're always around in pop culture, getting thrown by people, set to timers and self-destructing secret lairs. Getting them to not blow up continuously gets put across as a complicated venture requiring coolants, special scissors and special knowledge of red, black, blue or green wires.

Fuze does away with all of that. The iOS game created by Graham Ranson throws a bunch of sketchbook bombs at you, which you'll tap to prevent from exploding. The twist is that they'll tick down at different speeds and the longer you wait to squelch them, the more points you'll earn. Dragging the cartoon explosives next to each other sets off chain reactions, provided you don't screw up and actually let everything explode. Fuze is a perfect waiting-in-line, public transportation game, one made for quick sessions. Best of all, you get to feel like you're saving the subway, bank or DMV that you happen to be playing in. And, hey: you're welcome, everybody.


Fuze [iTunes]

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