Every Day is a Struggle to Survive with Zombie Tools

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Nuclear apocalypse? Zombie apocalypse? Whichever you think is more likely, the makers of August's PipClock have you covered with a new suite of iPhone tools sure to come in handy when society completely disintegrates, yet again.

Zombie Tools, for all iOS devices, is like its PipClock sibling, an alternate reality game that allowed me to send morse-code messages, set a motion-detection trap and, to be honest, learn more about how to sew my wounds shut than anything I ever learned as a Boy Scout.


Like PipClock (made by the same developer), you get a stylized clock interface, weather report customized to your location, a handy-dandy map tool and a "survival journal" full of last-resort advice (like sewing together your own flesh). What's new is a clever motion detector, which rings out an alarm whenever the iPhone is moved, and a signal light that is bright enough to light your path to the door if you forgot to leave the porchlight on. It can also be programmed to flash out Morse code messages, which may be useful in a club full of zombies ... assuming the being you're flashing also knows Morse.

Ruben Frosali, the developer of Zombie Tools (and PipClock) also teamed up with Guns N' Gardens, the YouTube zombie apocalypse survival troupe,, to provide tutorial videos that round out the app's feel of being your only reference in a world gone mad.

It's a novelty and a vanity item, sure, but it does have a couple of practical applications (especially the high brightness Signal Light) and like PipClock helps you imagine a more fun way to survive the day. It's a buck, too. And considering how the world always seems to be going to shit, who knows when this may actually come in handy.

Zombie Tools [iTunes]

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Not sure there's much of a game there, but it does seem like fun.

I do wish we had a morse code app that would use the flash to send the signals, and the camera to see someone else's code and translate it.

Imagine it... wireless communication between two iphones...


Well during the apocalypse the phone towers will be the first to go.