The Benz | TOKYO, JAPAN: Sony held a GT5 event in Roppongi. (Photo: Game Watch Impress)

Don't Get Mad at Need for Speed: The Run's Biggest Star

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks' latest role? Need for Speed: The Run.
According to PopWatch, the actress will play a character by the name of Sam Harper. More »


China's First Game Console Dated and Priced

The iSec, Lenovo's home game console, was supposed to be out this fall. According to Chinese reports, it will get a limited release this December in the Mainland. More »

Nintendo's 3DS Circle Pad Coming to America by 2012

The 3DS' circle pad, a monstrosity so far seen only in Japan, will be released in the US in early 2012.
A Capcom representative has revealed that the attachment, which gives the Nintendo handheld a second thumbstick (well, circle pad), will be "available for use" with Resident Evil: More »

The Cartoon Concept Art of Mass Effect & Dragon Age

Matt Rhodes is an artist who has worked on two of BioWare's biggest games in recent years, namely Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age 2.
What I love about his style, and why we're featuring it here today, is that it's often not as "realistic" as other pieces of concept art you'll see. More »

The World's Most Amazing (and Painful) Video Game Setup

When Battlefield 3 is out next week, we'll all be playing it on either a TV or a monitor. Some of us on a big TV. Sadly, we won't be playing like this guy is, on a rig that includes five HD projectors, surround sound, a treadmill and...paintball guns?
Britain's The Gadget Show got a chance to step... More »

This Ryu Cosplay Is an Animated GIF Waiting To Happen

Cosplay is not easy. And this Ryu cosplayer gets the costume part totally right. He also does a solid job uttering "Hadouken!"
It's when he actually starts trying to pull off Ryu's moves when things go south. More »


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