Don't Get Mad at Need for Speed: The Run's Biggest Star

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Mad Men star Christina Hendricks' latest role? Need for Speed: The Run.

According to PopWatch, the actress will play a character by the name of Sam Harper. "She's got a relationship with the main driver player," explained Hendricks, about her role with the game's protagonist Jack Rourke. "They come from the same hood. She gets him involved in the cross-country race with a lot of money at stake. There's an element of pushing him but also taking care of him."


While Hendricks is not a gamer, her husband is. "My husband's constantly running to GameStop because something's being released the next day," she told PopWatch. Maybe he reads Kotaku, too. If so, hello there!

Hendricks doesn't sound like she's much of a gearhead, either. "For years, I have been driving a PT Cruiser," said Hendricks. "I like that I can put tons of stuff in it." Because apparently she has tons of things to stuff in it?

Need for Speed: The Run will be out next month. Hopefully, Hendricks can get her husband a copy so he doesn't have to run over to GameStop.

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