China's First Game Console Dated and Priced

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The iSec, Lenovo's home game console, was supposed to be out this fall. According to Chinese reports, it will get a limited release this December in the Mainland. Previously called the eBox, the iSec has Kinect-style controls and will cost 3,000 yuan (US$470).


How iSec's release will factor into China's ban on game consoles, we shall see.

联合绿动澄清质疑:体感游戏设备iSec年底前上市 [Sina]

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The Chinese Government should already lift the console ban already, since the ban is not effective at all. All consoles could get into China via Hong Kong vice versa, a ban on paper makes no sense at all.

Anyway, 3,000 Yuan (470 USD) for such "cheap looking" console is way too expensive, especially in Mainland China. Many kids in China like their PS3 and Wii way too much to replace them with this iSec with no good games, apparently.

Also, I would like to see a review of this iSec by Kotaku if it ever get released in China, I guess someone could buy it in Hong Kong e.g.. Lets see if this iSec is really worthy to be called a game console.