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China Unveils the iSec, Its First Game Console

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

China is closed off to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo's consoles, meaning the first console available for sale in that country - aside from the knockoffs, of course - will be home grown. Today the iSec, renamed from the "eBox" announced last year, was unveiled.

Made by a Beijing company that's funded by Lenovo - China's largest PC maker and a very recognizable brand in the west - the iSec uses motion-sensing technology similar to Kinect, and many of the launch games demonstrated focused on exercise. Other titles shown were sports and adventure titles involving skateboarding and monster-fighting. It doubles as a Karaoke machine.


The iSec's games are being developed by studios in China, North America and Europe. The console's maker, Eedoo Technology, says it will consider selling the unit overseas after it sells 1 million units in China. The iSec's price was not disclosed.


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