China's Ebox Console Hits Next Year with 30 Packed in Games

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Lenovo this week kicked off a second round of fundraising as it gears up work on a new game console it hopes to launch in China early next year, according to Reuters.

The Ebox will come with 30 games built in and a set-top camera that can detect a player's movements, according to the article.


Eedoo Technology, the video game unit of PC maker Lenovo Group, says they are hoping to raise tens of millions of dollars from venture capitalists to back their new China console venture.

"Talks are underway with some venture capital firms and we're getting a very good response," Eedoo's chief executive Jack Luo told Reuters. "As a Chinese company we know the market and our cultural habits better, so I'm very confident that we'll do well."

Currently 40 of the companies software engineers are working on the console. Lenovo believes that by including the game in the system they can cut down on the rampant piracy that cuts so deeply into the video game business there.


Lenovo game unit eyes fundraising, Q1 launch [Reuters]

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*facepalm* Really? Why would Chinese people want to play this when the rest of the world is enjoying top-notch game development for the Big Three?