Nintendo's Ugly 3DS Circle Pad Add-on Priced and Dated

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Late last week, Nintendo revealed it was working on an extra slide pad for the Nintendo 3DS. Today, the company dated and priced said extra slide pad.


The slide pad will cost ¥1,500 (US$19), and it will be released on December 10. No word on its US release.

The peripheral is powered by a single AA battery.

The 3DS Expansion Slide Pad is less a simple add-on and more a cradle for your 3DS. It not only adds extra buttons: The peripheral also supposedly has R1 and R2 buttons, and definitely appears to have an L2 button. There is no L1 button.

Dubbed "3DS Kakuchou Slide Pad" or "3DS Expansion Slide Pad", the peripheral was first revealed in last week's issue of Japanese game mag Famitsu.

For more details about the circular slide pad, refer to Kotaku's previous coverage.

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all I'm reading is a ton of defensive Nintendo fans trying to still claim Nintendo makes a great product. Sales =/= quality or use.

I've been saying it for years, I'll keep saying it, I'll keep getting flamed:

Nintendo shot itself in the foot with acting on the R&D for the Wii, and their products have only gotten worse with time. THe 3DS is a gimmick, just like the Wii, and the Wii-U (if it ever comes out) is an even more sad hodgepodge of junk. It's all plasticky kids hardware and a *ton* of bad titles. 1 good game for every 50 games made for the system is beyond sad.

And before anyone claims I'm some PS3/XBOX/PC fan or whatever, I own literally every Nintendo product released in the US, including an original Gameboy in a glass case in mint condition, signed by Gunpei Yokoi. That includes the 3DS which I've played 3 times in the last month because it's so terrible. Ugh.

Sorry. /Rant. I love Nintendo, but I really feel like this unconventional risk taking is... not good for the company. Now the consumer is finally starting to notice, and Nintendo is going to get a rude wake up.