Stop Stabbing Yourself - Deputy Editor Stephen Totilo bravely tests the prop knife sent to Kotaku HQ to promote THQ's The Haunted: Hell's Reach. He's currently in stable condition.

Rage: The Kotaku Review

It doesn't really hit me until about half way through the game. I've been spending so much time worrying over the trick of staying alive that I haven't notice just how insignificant I am. It's not until I'm sent on another armed errand, off to save a general from a federal prison, that I realize... More »

Three Hours With the Surprisingly Ambitious (and Tougher) Assassin's Creed Revelations

I'm consistently impressed by Ubisoft's apparent ability to crank out complete Assassin's Creed games each year. When Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood was released a mere year after Assassin's Creed II, many were expecting more of an expansion pack. More »

In 10 Minutes, I'll Show You What's Surprisingly Cool about Aliens Infestation

They still make Nintendo DS games worth caring about, and Aliens games worth paying attention. My proof: Aliens Infestation, the brand-new DS game that merges Aliens with Metroid. More »

Studio Head, Deadliest Warrior Expert Resigns Over Green Berets Misrepresentation

Robert Daly, the head of Deadliest Warrior: The Game developer Pipeworks Software, today resigned from his position, saying he regrets misleading others into thinking that he was a Green Beret. More »

There Seems To Be a Little Confusion Between Origin and Origin

While plenty of folks have a beef with EA's Origin, one Florida-based builder of custom gaming PCs has a particularly unique problem with the digital delivery service: More »

Star Wars Xbox Delayed, Microsoft Executes 320GB Star Wars Hard Drive Plan B

For $130 this fall, owners of slim Xbox 360s can buy a 320GB hard-drive and get an excellent Star Wars game as a bonus. Microsoft said today that they'll be selling a standalone 320GB drive this fall. Keeping with tradition, Microsoft is charging more for their Xbox 360 hard drive than... More »

Neal Stephenson Plays Halo 3 on Legendary to Avoid Getting Fat

Science fiction author Neal Stephenson plays Halo on its hardest difficulty setting, Legendary, while using an elliptical exercise machine, the writer of Snow Crash told an audience in Austin today. More »

Here's What You'll Pay to be the (Officially Announced) Nightwing in Batman: Arkham City

WBIE's confirmed the existence of The Dark Knight's acrobatic partner in Rocksteady's upcoming sequel today . Like Robin and Catwoman, Nightwing will come with... More »

Santa's Village Is Ready to Ring in the Holidays

It's not yet Thanksgiving. Heck, Halloween is weeks away. Yet, select retailers in the U.S. are rolling out holiday decorations. And it's not just the U.S. More »

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