Studio Head, Deadliest Warrior Expert Resigns Over Green Berets Misrepresentation

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Robert Daly, the head of Deadliest Warrior: The Game developer Pipeworks Software, today resigned from his position, saying he regrets misleading others into thinking that he was a Green Beret.

Daly, who has also appeared on the television show Deadliest Warrior as a former Green Beret, said he will no longer be on the show either.

"I utterly regret that I have misrepresented my role by creating the impression that I was a "Green Beret,'" Daly wrote on a website dedicated to former special forces soldiers. "I have nothing but the utmost respect for the Green Berets and my fellow servicemen, and I respectfully apologize to the Special Forces community."


The announcement was made on the website but the site's owner confirmed it as legitimate. It comes a week after the Professional Soldiers site reported that Daly was misleading the public about his experiences as a soldier.

Jeff Hinton, owner of, retired Army Master Sergeant and former Green Beret, says that to be a Green Beret you need to have both passed the Qualification Course at the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, and also have served on an Operational Detachment Alpha. Hinton says that when a Green Beret is hired for their expert knowledge, it's knowledge of this real on-the-ground experience.

Hinton's organization is responsible for outing a number of Green Beret impersonators over the years. Some of those cased led to jail time.


In his open letter on the Professional Soldiers website this evening, Daly says that he was an intelligence analyst for the 12th Special Forces Group, but that he was never a Green Beret.

I am honored to have served with the 12th Special Forces Group as an Intelligence Analyst (96B) from 1991 until 1994. While I wore the green beret as part of my uniform, I utterly regret that I have misrepresented my role by creating the impression that I was a "Green Beret." I have nothing but the utmost respect for the Green Berets and my fellow servicemen, and I respectfully apologize to the Special Forces community. At this point in time for the best interests of Pipeworks Software and F9E I am voluntarily resigning my position of Studio Head of Pipeworks effective immediately. Furthermore I have no plans on appearing in any more episodes of Deadliest Warrior.

Very respectfully Robert Daly

Last week, Foundation 9's head, David Mann, told Kotaku that the website, which includes more than 1,000 former and active Green Berets according to its founder, is wrong.


The point of contention is how one defines a Green Beret. Foundation 9, which Pipeworks is a part of, points to Daly's transfer order to the 3rd Battalion, 12th Special Forces Group U.S. Army Reserve, effective July 26, 1991 as evidence of his service in the U.S. Special Forces.

"Mr. Daly wore the Green Beret as a member of this unit and served as an intelligence support sergeant until 1994," said Mann. "Mr. Daly enlisted in the army in 1986."


We've confirmed that Daly has indeed stepped down from Pipeworks Software, but reached for comment, a spokesperson said that Foundation 9 is unable to comment on personnel issues.

A statement from Jeff Hinton of Professional Soldiers reads: "In this day and age it's nice to see an individual taking responsibility for their actions. In Mr. Daly's case it shows a moral courage we rarely see anymore."


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i am a bit confused. why would someone who is not actually a green beret be allowed to wear the green beret as part of their uniform? it seems to me that not allowing such an exception would clear up the issue entirely.

i recall part of the argument being that there was some debate over what defined a green beret soldier. i would think that the only people unclear on the issue would be those wrongfully claiming to have been a green beret. i have a hard time believing that the distinction is so vague between the two camps if it can be clarified by looking up the military records of any person making such a claim. it would take some serious balls to try to claim that title when you didnt deserve it.