The Sensational Character Find of 2011: Nightwing in Arkham City

Dick Grayson fans, it's looking like your prayers will be answered. According to sister site Kotaku Australia (via, some of the trophies for the Bat-sequel point to the fact that the man who was once the Boy Wonder will be a playable character in the game.

Like the current version of Robin who's also playable in the game, it seems like Nightwing won't be player-controlled in the campaign, doing his brand of acrobatic ass-kicking in the game's Challenge maps. Nightwing-themed items are also available in the Xbox Avatar Marketplace, too.


I'm a huge Nightwing fan, so this pleases me greatly. The only other Bat-related character I'm hoping shows up in Arkham City? Bat-Mite, of course.

Trophy List Reveals Batman: Arkham City's Final Playable Character [Kotaku Australia]


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