For $130 this fall, owners of slim Xbox 360s can buy a 320GB hard-drive and get an excellent Star Wars game as a bonus. Microsoft said today that they'll be selling a standalone 320GB drive this fall.

Keeping with tradition, Microsoft is charging more for their Xbox 360 hard drive than other companies charge for non-360 hard drives of the same size. That's been how Microsoft has done it since launch. The price difference is balanced by the offer of a free download of Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, an excellent game that we praised here at Kotaku. (The game download won't be available in Japan, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia and the United Arab Emirates).

Microsoft already started including 320GB drives with the Gears of War 3 special edition of the 360 that went on sale in September. A 320GB drive is also planned for the special Star Wars version of the console, but that unit has been delayed alongside the the hyped formerly-holiday-scheduled Kinect Star Wars game.


Microsoft and Sony have been having something of a hard-drive arms race over the last few years, with each side upping the size of the drives in their home consoles. PlayStation 3s are already sold with 320GB drives. Microsoft's offer brings them closer to matching that as a new standard.

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