Here's What You'll Pay to be the (Officially Announced) Nightwing in Batman: Arkham City

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WBIE's confirmed the existence of The Dark Knight's acrobatic partner in Rocksteady's upcoming sequel today . Like Robin and Catwoman, Nightwing will come with moves and gadgets unique to him, as well as "Wayne Manor" and "Main Hall" challenge maps. The press release announcing Dick Grayson's playability notes that the Nightwing Budle Pack will be available Nov. 1, with the Robin Bundle Pack available to "all owners of the game" on Nov. 22. Both bundles will run 560 Microsoft points/$6.99 on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. So, it seems like the Best Buy pre-order program just lets you play as Robin at launch, eh? I suppose it's good news that we'll all be able to play as these characters eventually and that they won't be tied to platform or retailer exclusivity for months after the game's out.


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...$7 for two maps and a skin? That's more overpriced than the Call of Duty map packs (being roughly $3 a map).