Before the Internet, we didn't have April Fool's Day. When we played a joke, we'd tell a guy his shoe was untied and then WHAM! bash him upside the head with a piece of firewood.

See? That's funny. You kids couldn't find funny with both hands and a map. And you should be glad we didn't play April Fool's around here like we did in my old neighborhood. Or like some other sites and blogs did. Of course, that means nooobody was listenin' to all that stuff we said about the $99 PlayStation 2 but then - BAM - turned out to be true, didn't it?


Here's this week's roundup of original, true news reporting. Again, we had lots to add to this year's GDC09 Coverage. Be sure to check the GDC09 Tag and our final roundup of headlines.

Nintendo Announces DSiWare Titles
GameStop: "Keep Reserving DSi!"
U.S. DSi Unboxing and Hands On

PS2 Price Chop
SCEA: PS2 Price Drop Will Cut Into Wii, Eventually Help PS3 Sales
Target Ad Shows $99 PS2

BattleForge Review: Collectible Card-Time Strategy
Edge Micro-Review: Elegance, Cubed
Frankenreview: MadWorld

British Sales Charts: We Call 'Em Twitchers
First Star Trek: DAC Screens
Koei Tecmo Reveals Its New Company Logo (Looks Familiar)
"Final Fantasy XIII Uses Nearly 100 Percent of PS3 Power"
Midnight Club: Los Angeles Mini RC Cars Sprint Home

Fake News
Your April Fool's Day Roundup

Jimmy Fallon Interviews Tommy Vercetti

Oh, So That's What 'Holy Invasion Of Privacy, Badman!' Is...

Cute Shit
Flock Playset Is Painfully Endearing

Shit We All (don't) Get
The Most Spectacular DSi Cake You'll Ever See

Also, Your Copy of "Yaris"
Ex-Circuit City Pre-Owned Consoles Include Credit Card Details, Home Porn

Wait, is Capcom Getting TARP Money?
Capcom Terminates Retirement Benefit System for Execs