Oh, So That's What 'Holy Invasion Of Privacy, Badman!' Is...

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Sony recently filed for trademarks for Holy Invasion Of Privacy, Badman!, perhaps the most curious game title yet. We thought it either a PSP game or marketing catch phrase yesterday—and now believe it's the former.


According to an informed tipster, Holy Invasion Of Privacy, Badman! is actually the domestic release of Yuusha no Kuse Ni Namaikida. And what the hell is that, exactly? A currently Japan-only PlayStation Portable title with an unusual premise.

In Yuusha no Kuse Ni Namaikida, you play as a very bad demon lord—who, by chance, has a batty, vampire-like appearance—digging out dungeons, then filling them with dungeon-dwelling beast to fend off waves of heroes.

The game, very retro in its visual and gameplay design, is not unlike a tower defense game meets Tecmo's Deception series, minus the horrifying death traps and blood. While we've yet to play it, it has drawn comparisons to titles like Pac-Man and SimLife with an 8-bit Dragon Quest-style visual appeal. Yes, it's an odd mix.

The original Yuusha no Kuse Ni Namaikida has already sold well enough to get a sequel and a "PSP The Best" budget line re-release, so Sony Computer Entertainment America may be trying its odds on these shores.

If Yuusha no Kuse Ni Namaikida does show up here as Holy Invasion Of Privacy, Badman!, that's good news for PSP owners, especially if they're looking for more original PSP fare.


We've checked in with Sony to confirm the rumor, but have not heard back yet.


HOLY CRAP! PLEASE TELL ME ITS COMING TO AMERICA! *whispers* please please please please pleaaaaase.