Your April Fool's Day Roundup

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April Fool's Day is ostensibly a day for fun and pranks, but for anyone looking for news on the internet, it's a royal pain in the ass. So thank the maker it's all over.


Below, we've highlighted some of the best, worst and most painful attempts at humour on this international day of hijinx.

The Best (good for a chuckle, definitely worth a look)
Valve's Gabe Newell To Code Game Starring Valve's Gabe Newell
Wii Fit Says April Fools
Visari Playable in KZ2... You've Been Killzoned!!!
Umbrella Corporation requests government bailout
Welcome back childhood nightmares
The Next Metal Gear Solid
Dragon Quest IX Is Totally On Sale
Alpine Legend Lets You Become A Tri-Horn Blastmaster
There's A DS Phone! Really!
Wii Fit? No. Wii Height.
Capcom's Brown Man Hunter
Splash Damage Returns To The Tapir Wars
Bethesda Raises Price For Oblivion Horse Armor...No, Really
Blizzard's April Fool's Day Extravaganza
Red Faction: Guerrilla Unleashes The Ostrich Hammer
Killzone Becomes, Of All Things, A Love Story
Kratos' Companion Cube Gets Unchained
Valve Takes The Piss With Team Fortress 2 Sniper Class Update

The Lame (eh?)
Breaking: Nintendo Demos Hardcore Smash Bros. Wii
Battlefield Dork
The Oregon Trail... With CAVEMEN
Lunch for Lunch: Turkey and Swiss Sandwich
Negative Gamer
Syberia 3 Links PC And PS3
No, Nobody Will Believe There Is A GTA Set In Sydney
Portal Shirts? This Isn't April 2007

The Worst (not funny, very annoying)
Screen Play: Wii Fit Rebate, PS3 Price Increase, Not Funny
A PS3 Price Cut? Really?
OMG New PSP Leaked On Mysterious Chinese Message Board
GameStop Must Try Harder Than My Wii Buddy
Microsoft Discontinuing 360 in 2010
Sony announces successor to Blu-ray, gives away PSP2 plans by accident


Thanks for sticking with us through this most awful of days.



There was no real stand out this year, like the famous IGN Zelda movie.