360's Next-Gen Wireless Out Nov. 3?

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GameStop is taking preorders for the Xbox 360 Wireless N adapter, whose existence was recently confirmed, but for which no launch date was given. It ships Nov. 3, says GameStop.

For those not in the know, the 802.11n standard is a step up from the plebeian 802.11g. The other piece of news, this new product was said to be tied to the Zune video store update on Xbox Live. So if GameStop's listing is correct, that's now on the clock for early November, too.


The unit is $99.99. As reported earlier, the original flavor 802.11g adapter is due for a $20 trim once its suped-up cousin hits.

Xbox 360 Wireless N Networking Adapter [GameStop, thanks TiKiMaN1]

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$99.99? HILARIOUS!

My DS Lite with Wi-Fi included? $100.

The PS2 was $70 on sale two weeks ago.

My Belkin Wireless router? $60.

A 4GB iPod Shuffle? $89.99

My 1TB External Hard Drive? $99.99

F*** your pricing Microsoft.