360's New Wi-Fi will be $100; Old WiFi to get Price Cut

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The 802.11n adapter whose development Microsoft recently confirmed will cost you one benjamin. The existing 802.11g adapter will get a haircut and cost $79.99. That's according to Ars Technica's trusty, and unnamed, "Mole."

The new adapter, and its ability to stream 1080p video, is tied to Microsoft's upcoming Zune video store update to Xbox Live later this year. Ars got no word on a specific release date for either, however.


Mole Spills Holiday 360 Bundle as Microsoft Begins $50 Rebate [Ars Technica]

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Wireless N, hmm? If you had an N router and the internet connection to take advantage of that, wouldn't you want to make full use of the bandwidth and plug in directly to the console?

First, this does not surprise me considering when I bought my 360 a few years back, I found out the hard way that you had to buy a separate wireless adapter for $79. I picked up a free CAT6 from the office instead of shelling out for that crock.

What's more appalling is that MS sets these prices because people continue to pay them. At least, that's what I'm assuming if they're continue to push a product like this (at a higher price, even!).

If we all stopped upgrading every part of our technologies (PCs, 360s) every time a slightly better version or component came out and picked up new equipment only it was necessary, then we probably wouldn't have products like this. It would force the market to create more innovative products, bundles and just a more substantial overall bang for the upgrade buck. It's the same thing with the Apple and the iPhone - they know their consumer is someone who wants the latest tech in their hands before anyone else and these are the people shelling out hundreds for minor upgrades and performance tweaks.