The Artist Behind Final Fantasy Just Wants To Draw Cute Girls

While speaking with Yoshitaka Amano, the legendary designer who created art for almost every game in the Final Fantasy series, I asked him about his dream project. Would he want to work on a direct sequel to Final Fantasy VI? Maybe a Dragon Quest game? Some sort of crazy Chrono Trigger spinoff? » 10/17/12 9:00am 10/17/12 9:00am

1UP Editor In Final Fantasy Nerd Engagement Extravaganza

If you've ever read a copy of EGM or popped over to 1UP, you'll know the name James Mielke. Guy's been with Ziff Davis for a while now, and is currently Editor-in-Chief over at Anyway, he recently proposed to his girlfriend. But didn't just do the bended-knee thing. He went all video game nerd, roping in a… » 11/21/08 4:00am 11/21/08 4:00am

Yoshitaka Amano Headlines New York Anime Festival

I know I am not alone when I say that nothing represents the Final Fantasy franchise more succinctly for me than the artwork of Yoshitaka Amano. From the logos to the concept art that we never actually see in the game, his work captures the feelings one gets while playing through a Final Fantasy game, if that makes… » 6/24/08 11:40am 6/24/08 11:40am