You'll Finally Be Able to Get Those Super-Fancy Final Fantasy Art Books

Maybe you were lucky and got a copy of the boxed set for The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy »1/08/13 3:30pm1/08/13 3:30pm by . Or maybe you were out of luck like thousands of other poor sods and couldn't grab one before they sold out. Well, buck up, poor sods. You're in luck. Dark Horse is putting those volumes back in print, in a new edition that…

1UP Editor In Final Fantasy Nerd Engagement Extravaganza

If you've ever read a copy of EGM or popped over to 1UP, you'll know the name James Mielke. Guy's been with Ziff Davis for a while now, and is currently Editor-in-Chief over at Anyway, he recently proposed to his girlfriend. But didn't just do the bended-knee thing. He went all video game nerd, roping in a… »11/21/08 4:00am11/21/08 4:00am