The New Wonder Momo Game Hurts Much Less Than The 1987 Original

The new Wonder Momo game is shaping up to be fun, sleek, and cool, while successfully giving me flashbacks of my traumatic experiences with the original. » 1/29/14 7:40am 1/29/14 7:40am

Mighty Switch Force 2 is Following its Predecessor Onto Wii U

3DS eShop favorite Mighty Switch Force 2 is making its way to the Wii U's digital storefront "by popular request," Wayforward Technologies announced this week on its blog. The developer estimates that it will arrive in October. » 9/01/13 11:30am 9/01/13 11:30am

A Slim Chance for a Free Copy of Mighty Switch Force, an Excellent…

Yesterday Wayforward Technologies unleashed the majesty of Mighty Switch Force upon the Nintendo 3DS eShop, and while I only have a grand total of three codes to give away for the game, the wonderfully funky soundtrack is now available as a free download. » 12/23/11 3:00pm 12/23/11 3:00pm

There's More Shooting, Less Screaming in Aliens: Infestation

Aliens: Colonial Marines seeks to create the terror and tension of key moments in the Aliens movie franchise, using high-end graphics and a first-person view to immerse the player. It's DS counterpart, Infestation, just lets you shoot things. » 9/06/11 12:20pm 9/06/11 12:20pm

Rating for Aliens: Infestation Shows It's Not Game Over for Aliens on DS

The Nintendo DS game based on the Aliens franchise that leaked more than two years ago looks like its finally going to happen. Proof? Aliens: Infestation for the DS, a side-scrolling, alien-shooting platformer, was just rated by the ESRB. » 7/15/11 4:20pm 7/15/11 4:20pm

Atari Revives Centipede As A Post-Apocalyptic Shooter (With Giant Bugs,…

Atari, after reviving (or attempting to revive) classic games like Warlords and Yars' Revenge, is turning its attention to 1980 arcade classic Centipede for its next project. This is Centipede: Infestation, a twin-stick-style shoot 'em up for the Wii and Nintendo 3DS. » 4/19/11 3:40pm 4/19/11 3:40pm

BloodRayne Is Back And More Two-Dimensional Than Ever

We've still got a day left until April Fools, so we're going to have to take Majesco seriously when they announce the return of their half-vampire, half-supermodel heroine this summer in the 2D side-scrolling platformer BloodRayne: Betrayal. » 3/31/11 12:30pm 3/31/11 12:30pm

Shantae's Risky Revenge Coming To DSiWare Soon

Wayforward Technologies' gorgeous looking platformer Shantae's Risky Revenge will dance its way to Nintendo's DSiWare download service on October 4, according to the dev's official newsletter. Ready the Nintendo Points! » 9/22/10 8:50pm 9/22/10 8:50pm

Batman: The Brave And The Bold Review: Bat-Mite Makes Right

The Dark Knight returns to a more campy and colorful time in Batman: The Brave and the Bold for the Nintendo Wii, and he's brought friends. » 9/07/10 4:40pm 9/07/10 4:40pm

Shantae: Risky's Revenge Clearly The Prettiest Thing To Hit DSiWare

Based on the first trailer for WayForward's Shantae: Risky's Revenge, there's no doubt that the Nintendo DSi-bound sequel to the Game Boy Color original is the best looking thing to hit DSiWare. » 4/06/10 8:00pm 4/06/10 8:00pm

A Boy And His Blob Review: The Zero Nostalgia Version

WayForward Technologies and Majesco bring us A Boy and His Blob for the Nintendo Wii, a re-creation of the beloved 1989 NES title, which I incidentally have never played. » 10/20/09 6:00pm 10/20/09 6:00pm

Is This Aliens: Colonial Marines For Nintendo DS?

Gearbox Software's first-person shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines is apparently still alive and kicking in some capacity, but who knows when it will be released. The same is true for the... Nintendo DS version?! » 5/26/09 5:40pm 5/26/09 5:40pm

LIT: It's Like, How Much More Black Could This Game Be?

If new shots from WayForward Technologies' new LIT web site are any indication, the answer is "none more black." This game is so black, it's almost navy. Did I mention it's dark? » 12/22/08 7:40pm 12/22/08 7:40pm