Yars' Revenge Reboot will be an On-Rails Shooter

This year Atari brings back one of the more imaginative titles from the primitive days of console gaming - Yars' Revenge. This video features a 10-second swath of gameplay that shows the reboot will be an on-rails shooter.


Producer Michael Fahrny outlines the game's art direction, crediting anime (and specifically Hayao Miyazaki) as inspiriations for its visual design. Killspace Entertainment is the studio handling the game; it's scheduled for release on the Xbox 360, PC and PS3 later this spring.

Yars' Revenge Gets New Video That Shows Art Direction and Gameplay [Big Download]



Looks very Sin & Punishment-esque, which means it's an instant buy for me.

Rail shooters are an underappreciated genre; hopefully this & Kid Icarus do well enough that it convinces others to keep innovating. Shoot-em-ups are one of the oldest genres in video games, and I hope games like this reboot keeps them alive.