Is This Aliens: Colonial Marines For Nintendo DS?

Gearbox Software's first-person shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines is apparently still alive and kicking in some capacity, but who knows when it will be released. The same is true for the... Nintendo DS version?!


A very official looking trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines DS, one that requires a great deal of squinting, was uploaded to YouTube recently, giving us our first look at the unannounced game. Attached are developers Gearbox and WayForward Technologies, the latter responsible for Shantae, LIT and Contra 4.

Music aside, the trailer looks spectacular, a very capable 2D side-scrolling shooter that's packed full of what you'd want from an Aliens game: chest-bursters ripping through sternums and waves of aliens being turned into acid salsa.

While we'd normally be suspicious about a randomly uploaded trailer for a game we'd not heard a peep about, the trailer appears legit. WayForward employees write on their personal web sites about an unannounced "action game on DS" that's "based on one of the best licenses imagineable [sic]," calling it "WayForward's spiritual follow-up to Contra 4."

We're checking in with Sega and WayForward to see what's up and hope that the "shelved due to money issues at Sega" description is inaccurate.



I have been waiting since 1986 to play this. Anyone remember the C64 version?