Dead Or Alive Community Leaders Soft Ban Sexy Costumes At Tournaments

Acknowledging that the Dead or Alive fighting franchise has a sexy image problem, community leaders at the series' go-to forum have added an over-sexualized costume soft-ban to their tournament rules. Reactions from the community-at-large have been overwhelmingly negative. » 3/01/15 4:30pm 3/01/15 4:30pm

Dead Or Alive Is More Than Breasts

I fell in love with my favorite fighting game franchise for all the right reasons. It was fast, frantic, flashy and groundbreaking. Now, after nearly 20 years together, it's time for me to face the truth—my favorite fighting game franchise is an exhibitionist, and I'm not okay with it. » 2/21/15 6:30pm 2/21/15 6:30pm

​Someone Beat Ninja Gaiden II's Hardest Setting Without Taking Damage

If you've played Ninja Gaiden II, you know that it's a game that's pretty tough on its third-hardest Mentor difficulty. On the Master Ninja setting, it makes grown men cry. Except for the Chinese player who seems to have beaten the game at its hardest without getting a scratch. » 9/29/14 9:00am 9/29/14 9:00am

You Will Never Guess Who Created This Game

I'm pretty confident that if you just watched the trailer for this game, you would have no clue who made it. Here's a hint: One of the creators is a Japanese developer you'd never imagine involved with a game like this. » 3/14/14 5:30am 3/14/14 5:30am

Ninja Gaiden's cyborg vs. zombies spin-off is coming to PC. Tecmo Koei announced this morning that the Steam version of Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z will be launching day-and-date with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions in early 2014. Thank goodness. Ninja Gaiden and PCs go together like ... you know. » 10/08/13 9:30am 10/08/13 9:30am

According to a Japanese magazine leak, the new Dead or Alive 5 project that was previously teased is apparently called Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. Joining the fray as a playable character, it seems, is Momiji from the Ninja Gaiden series. » 5/08/13 4:30am 5/08/13 4:30am

A new Dead or Alive 5 project is "coming soon" to the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Yosuke Hayashi, Team Ninja's leader, recently announced that the "newest work" (最新作) for Dead or Alive 5 was "currently in development" and showed a very brief trailer. It sounds like a stand-alone title, so it might be a revamped or tweaked… » 4/29/13 5:30am 4/29/13 5:30am

Latest Dead or Alive 5 Patch Brings Enhanced Boob Control

Just because Team Ninja, the developers behind Dead or Alive, are all out of fucks to give about releasing hyper-sexualized games, that doesn't mean they're not updating Dead or Alive 5. The latest update sneaks in, wait for it, a breast jiggling Easter Egg. Shocking! » 2/13/13 8:30am 2/13/13 8:30am

Forget Power, Says The Guy Behind Ninja Gaiden 3—Wii U Is Next-Gen…

The debate over the Wii U's "next-generation" status rages on. The latest combatant is Yosuke Hayashi, head of Team Ninja—the Tecmo studio responsible for the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive series, among others. While the console is technically "next-generation"—it did come after the Wii—Hayashi was still compelled… » 1/07/13 6:30pm 1/07/13 6:30pm

Next Spring, Dead or Alive 5 Will Beat Up the PS Vita

Dead or Alive 5 » 12/07/12 6:20am 12/07/12 6:20am is coming to the PS Vita currently known under its working title, . Above is the logo. Other than that, info is scant. Japanese game site wonders what does the "plus" refer to?

The Dead or Alive 5 Mousepads Are Pretty Much What You'd Expect

Around five years ago (or so), it was a bit of a thing » 10/19/12 7:00am 10/19/12 7:00am in Japan for game companies to release mousepads, featuring female characters with large breasts for PC users to rest their hands on. So no surprises here with these upcoming mousepads—nor is it surprising to see them pop up five years later. Not at all.

Don't Blame Us for the Boobies, Dead or Alive Director Says, We're Just…

Despite feedback from Tecmo's overseas offices to "tone down the sexuality" of Dead or Alive 5's female fighters, the game's developers bravely pressed ahead in the name of fan service. » 9/29/12 2:00pm 9/29/12 2:00pm

Six Dead or Alive 5 Fighters Looking Depressed and Humbled After Defeat

There's lots of crazy, over-the-top elements in the just-released Dead or Alive 5. Clown cannons, giant elevators of death and tanks blasting away in he background… all these things happen while the brawlers of Team Ninja's latest fighting game are vying for victory. And you can't win all the martial arts matches all… » 9/27/12 5:30pm 9/27/12 5:30pm

Catch a Glimpse of Cel-Shaded Zombie Slaying in the First Trailer for …

Mega Man co-creator Keiji Inafune is taking a stab at the Ninja Gaiden series with Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, and by "taking a stab" I mean actively attempting to stab the star of the main Ninja Gaiden series in the throat with a sword. » 9/19/12 9:45am 9/19/12 9:45am

There's a New Ninja Gaiden Franchise. It's Dead Rising Meets Team Ninja.

Earlier this month, a mysterious game called Yaiba was announced by Keiji Inafune. The game is not just an Inafune title. It's a Ninja Gaiden title. » 9/19/12 6:50am 9/19/12 6:50am

Dead or Alive's Sexualized Females Aren't Going Anywhere

Dead or Alive » 8/22/12 6:30am 8/22/12 6:30am isn't only about curvy ladies. It's a proper fighting game. But some might not like—or cannot get pass—DOA's hyper sexualized female fighters.