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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Brings The Satisfying Superhero Lineup

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Gameplay | E3 2019

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order marks the first time Nintendo is publishing a game in this series, and the company has tapped Team Ninja to develop it. I and several of my Kotaku coworkers swung by the Nintendo booth at E3 to check out how the game plays. I found it to be as simple and satisfying as previous Marvel Ultimate Alliance games, plus the lineup of characters is killer. Any game in which I can play as Wolverine and slash the heck out of some ninjas is a good time.

I played as Wolverine; my colleague Gita Jackson played alongside me as Storm. In the video above, you can watch Stephen Totilo play as Thor, Paul Tamayo play as Miles Morales, and the Nintendo rep at the booth also play as Wolverine. As you can see, Wolverine is sick as hell in this game. Like all the other characters, he gets a light attack (slashing wildly), a heavy attack (big ol’ slash), and a synergy attack, which means he can combine forces with another character and unleash a cool new attack using both heroes’ powers.


After seeing that other Avengers game trailer earlier this week, I kept thinking about how all I really want from a Marvel-inspired multiplayer video game is something that reflects all of these different characters’ abilities and has the diverse lineup of my favorite Avengers comics. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 does that exact thing. You can swing your tree arms around as Groot. You can toss your shield as Captain America. And, most importantly, you can slash the heck out of baddies as the one and only Wolverine.

Each of the heroes only has a few different attacks, and the overall gameplay is pretty straightforward: clear some enemies from an area, move forward, clear more enemies, repeat. Even so, every character feels different, and their moves reflect each of their different powers. Also, you can stop at checkpoints and switch quickly to a different character. The story didn’t seem very deep, nor did the gameplay, but the fact that you can play as a diverse handful of entrants in the usual Avengers lineup helped Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 really hit the spot for me.