Capcom All-Stars Statue Series Is Off To A Variable Speed Start

First 4 Figures is creating a sister series to its Mega Man statue line called Capcom All-Stars, giving the game company a chance to highlight even more characters it's not doing enough with. First up: Viewtiful Joe. » 3/03/15 5:00pm 3/03/15 5:00pm

Dark Souls Characters Turned Into Amazing Statues

The raw looks and the rough paint job make these figurines by artist futantshadow unique and cool. They're just like the ones in all three Souls games: blurred shapes in the dark, coming after you. » 12/19/14 9:30am 12/19/14 9:30am

​io9's Ultimate 2014 Toy And Collectible Gift Guide

The holidays are all about giving — specifically, giving people presents. And what makes better presents than some of the year's best action figures, toys, and collectibles? Very little, as the millions of people who want a Dancing Baby Groot toy will attest. Here's a list of great gifts to give your friends, loved… » 12/02/14 4:47pm 12/02/14 4:47pm

Two Foot Tall Dr. Robotnik Statue Terrorizes Blue Hedgehog And Friends

After several years of pumping out statues based on classic Sonic the Hedgehog heroes and maybe one metallic henchman, First 4 Figures finally gives them a big baddie to stand up to. Towering over those fine furry friends, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robonik is here. » 10/07/14 5:00pm 10/07/14 5:00pm

I Don't Think I've Ever Seen Such A Glossy Mega Man

During E3 2014, video game collectible makers First 4 Figures announced they'd be making a line of statues featuring everyone's favorite killer robot boy. Now the first Megaman statue has been revealed, and it sure is shiny. » 9/16/14 1:30pm 9/16/14 1:30pm

A Line Of Statues Based On Kirby Outfits? Oh No.

They've done Zelda, they've done Metroid and they've done Mario — what Nintendo properties are left for collectible maker First 4 Figures? How about a line of statues based on the many forms of the magnificent Kirby? This is going to get expensive. » 8/19/14 3:30pm 8/19/14 3:30pm

A New Mario Statue Line Begins With The Perfect Plumber Outfit

First 4 Figures and Nintendo are launching a new series of Mario statues, and what better version of of the iconic Italian than the one that's already halfway there? Gotta love the old Tanooki suit. » 9/24/13 7:30pm 9/24/13 7:30pm

This is $450 Worth of Pure Twilight Princess Evil

Okay, technically this is $475 worth of evil, as this is the exclusive version of First 4 Figures' 1/4 Scale "Master Arts" Ganondorf Center Piece, which comes with an additional laughing head, but you get the point. » 8/07/12 9:30pm 8/07/12 9:30pm

Behold the Glorious Epicenter of Costly Comic-Con Collectibles

From Marvel to DC, Mass Effect to Halo, Star Wars to The Lord of the Rings; the Sideshow booth was the crossroads of fan service at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. » 7/17/12 1:00pm 7/17/12 1:00pm

Riddle Me This: What's an Expensive Video Game Collectible That's…

Now that you've spent dozens of hours collecting the virtual Riddler Trophies in Batman: Arkham City, why not spend several hundred dollars collecting a real one? » 7/12/12 9:30am 7/12/12 9:30am

An Army of Dragonborn Prepares to March on Skyrim Retailers

In preparation for the worldwide launch of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim this November, Bethesda has assembled an army of army of bronzed Dragonborn statues, armed and ready to be drooled on by fans at retail locations around the world. » 9/06/11 5:20pm 9/06/11 5:20pm

This Lara Croft Will Set You Back $350

This new Lara Croft statue, from Sideshow Collectibles, will go on sale later this year for the princely sum of $350. Aside from a rather fetching-looking paperweight, what else do you get for that kind of money? » 6/01/11 4:30am 6/01/11 4:30am

Let's Get A Good Look At You, Team Fortress 2 Soldier

Team Fortress 2 maker Valve and expensive statue maker Gaming Heads are giving fans of video game collectibles more class in the form of the Soldier. He's the latest TF2 member to get a premium statue and he's quite handsome. » 2/07/11 3:40pm 2/07/11 3:40pm

The Newest $350 Zelda Statue

For $330 next year, you could show your love for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and buy a Midna and Wolf Link statue from First 4 Figures. But why? For $350, you could get the better version. » 11/30/10 12:00pm 11/30/10 12:00pm

Video Tour Of The Newest StarCraft II, World of Warcraft Statues

Add StarCraft II's Kerrigan and World of Warcraft's Moonkin to the assembly of statues based on Blizzard's big games, coming from DC Comics. At New York Comic-Con, I shot video of those debuting statues and the rest of the line. » 10/08/10 7:30pm 10/08/10 7:30pm

Put A Half-Life 2 Headcrab Zombie On Your Shelf

Who doesn't love sending Half-Life 2's headcrab zombies to the great beyond with a few whacks of Gordon Freeman's trusty crowbar? And who wouldn't love to have said bloody, shambling headcrab zombie in statue form? » 9/30/10 4:40pm 9/30/10 4:40pm

First Team Fortress Collectibles Up For Sale, Brace For Sticker Shock

The first offering in Valve's new line of collectibles, Team Fortress 2's the Heavy, is now up for pre-order. These lovely limited edition statues can soon be yours, provided you've got the scratch to afford it. » 5/03/10 4:40pm 5/03/10 4:40pm

Chrono Trigger Figures From Six Months In The Future

Crono and crew come to life in this series of four Chrono Trigger Formation Arts Trading Figures from Square Enix, now available for preorder from Entertainment Earth. » 4/08/10 6:00pm 4/08/10 6:00pm

Wife or Six-Foot Orc Statue? Warcraft Fan Forced to Choose

The Scottish Sun - "Scottish Newspaper of the Year" mind you - reports that a woman gave her 42-year-old husband an ultimatum: Ditch that six-foot-tall World of Warcraft orc statue, or I move to Canada. Who did he choose? » 1/05/10 6:30pm 1/05/10 6:30pm

Mommy, Where Do Video Game Toys Come From?

There are a lot of video game toys out there. We should know. But did you ever stop to wonder, amidst all the yearning and admiration for a hunk of painted vinyl, just where it came from? » 11/18/09 12:00am 11/18/09 12:00am