Over the decades, many artists have given us their special take on DC’s iconic vigilante. Korean comic artist Kim Jung Gi’s offbeat mech Batman is one of the most unique.

Designed for DC Collectible’s Batman: Black and White statue collection, Kim Jung Gi’s Batman seems completely bonkers at first. Robot Batman?

Robot Batman on roller blades?

Robot Batman on roller blades wielding a mini-gun? It’s all so weird.

But the more you look at him, the more familiar this Batman becomes.

He’s got hints of the bulky armor from the Dark Knight Returns series.

The hunched countenance and high-tech elements bring to mind older Bruce Wayne from Batman Beyond or the tool-assisted Batman of Kingdom Come.

The grin might be mechanical, but that’s totally the late, great Adam West, old chum.

The seven-inch statue has been sitting on my desk throughout the extended July 4th weekend and not a single super-villain has attacked. Better still, we’ve become fast friends.

Kim Jung Gi’s Batman Black and White statue is now available at the places likely to sell such things for around $70.

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