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Marcus Fenix Deserves All The Statues He Gets In Gears Of War 4

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A teaser for the Gears of War 4 reveal happening during tomorrow night’s Fear The Walking Dead features the second statue of Gears hero Marcus Fenix since the marketing team’s gears started turning earlier this week.

News of Gears of War 4's October 11 release date gave us a look at our first statue of the legendary war hero via the game’s box art.


Note the kneeling Marcus in the upper left corner of the art. The wear soldier kneels under the weight of his burden. Powerful. Moving. Possibly destroyed as whatever is happening on the cover art plays out.


But that’s okay, we’ve got another.


This one looks like it was created specifically so Marcus’ son JD can literally stand in the shadow of his father. The Gears of War universe has no time for subtle metaphor. It has guns with chainsaws on them.

I’m not sure what tomorrow night’s reveal will bring, but I’m hoping it’s another statue. Maybe one of Marcus smiling and hanging out with his buddies. Hell, we don’t even know if Marcus has passed on in Gears of War 4. Maybe he sleeps on a massive image of himself in a bed formed from its cupped hands. I’m so excited.