There’s nothing like a fresh katamari. First 4 Figures is kicking off a new line of Katamari Damacy statues the same way most Katamari Damacy games begin. Just a prince, his ball and endless growth potential.

Remember when Katamari Damacy was something new and wonderful, filled with strange music and quirky goodness? Before they turned it into a crappy mobile clicker? First 4 Figures initial statues in their Katamari Damacy line evoke that time quite nicely.


Standing 11 inches tall from base to ball, the Prince stands fully prepared to make his father proud by rolling together everything from the lint on your carpet on up to the planets in your solar system. He’s got huge ambitions, this one.

Mind you I did say statues, as First 4 Figures is readying two different models for a second quarter 2017 release. We have the Prince acting as the $234.99 standard edition, available wherever expensive video game collectibles are sold.

I love his little feet.

And then we’ve got the First 4 Figures exclusive edition, which swaps out the Prince for his multiplayer partner, the disco-fied Dipp.


Dipp runs $249.99, likely because painting on all of those stars can’t be easy.

First 4 Figures is still figuring out run sizes for the statues, but you can keep track of the Prince and Dipp over at the official website.


And now for a little stuff rolling music.

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