Watch A Bit of Kotaku On The Second-Screen Version of the VGAs Tonight

It's a big night for video games. We've got Spike TV's 10th annual Video Game Awards airing live at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT, hosted by Samuel L. Jackson. Some of you may tune in to see which games and developers win top honors. I bet a lot of you are going to be most interested in the pile of world premiere trailers and game… » 12/07/12 3:00pm 12/07/12 3:00pm

If You Have a TV Nearby During E3, Turn on Spike TV

In two week's time, the E3 press conferences will be over. You'll have seen the biggest newest from Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft. You'll know all about the Wii U, the next big things for Xbox 360 and the future of PlayStation. » 5/22/12 2:45pm 5/22/12 2:45pm

If Only There Were Actually Video Game Awards This Funny

Today, the nominees for the annual Spike TV VGA Awards were announced. It is a God-given right for people to bitch endlessly about awards shows, and so the moment the nominees were announced, a huge number of people jumped on twitter to joke, complain, and generally carry on about them. » 11/16/11 10:00pm 11/16/11 10:00pm

See Two Minutes of BioShock Infinite's Award-winning E3 Demo, the Whole …

Irrational Games has been slowly drip-feeding us portions of its behind closed doors, 14-minute-long E3 2011 demonstration of BioShock Infinite, a preview that helped the game secure the Game Critics' "Best of Show" and "Best Action/Adventure Game" awards. Soon, you'll be able to see it in its entirety. » 6/30/11 5:40pm 6/30/11 5:40pm

Comedy Central And Spike TV Now Have Their Own Video Game Company

Someday, we may get The Daily Show: The Video Game or Spike TV Video Game Awards: The Game, thanks to the formation of 345 Games, the new video game arm of Comedy Central and Spike TV. The first two titles to come from that studio will be Deadliest Warrior: Legends and Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon, both for Xbox… » 4/07/11 3:00pm 4/07/11 3:00pm

What Is This Second Mystery Spike VGA Teaser For?

Spike TV's annual Video Game Awards show promises a handful of brand new video game announcements, including (but not limited to) the previously teased Spec Ops revival and whatever this newly revealed title is. » 11/30/09 2:30pm 11/30/09 2:30pm