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First BioShock 2 Footage, "Major" Killzone 2 Announcement On Next GameTrailers TV

.html This week's episode of GameTrailers TV, now airing one day earlier, will be packed with the game footage exclusives you've come to expect... no, demand from Geoff Keighley and crew.

That includes our first look at BioShock 2 and its Big Sister in action. Exciting! Joining 2K Games blockbuster hit sequel in the making are exclusive details on Punch-Out!! for the Wii—"with a twist you won't see coming"—plus a "major" Killzone 2 announcement, and details of Fable II's new downloadable content, straight from Peter Molyneux's mouth.


With this much shocking and thrilling exclusive content in a single episode, viewers may have to get tested for exclusive poisoning the next day. Watch with caution!

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Yeah, I'm gonna go for Killzone 2 Co-op DLC/Patch.