If You Have a TV Nearby During E3, Turn on Spike TV

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In two week's time, the E3 press conferences will be over. You'll have seen the biggest newest from Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft. You'll know all about the Wii U, the next big things for Xbox 360 and the future of PlayStation.


But how will you have seen this news?

If you are near a TV, you will hopefully have enjoyed the splendid 17 hours of marathon coverage planned by our friends at Spike TV. They're airing all of the E3 press conferences. They are, in fact, the only TV network airing the Nintendo one on Tuesday, June 5 (noon ET, 9am PT). They will do the other four live on Monday, June 4.

But what if you're not near a TV? What then? Or what if one screen is not enough for you? Have no fear. We'll be livestreaming Spike's 17-hour marathon right here on Kotaku on June 4 and 5, including all five conferences and lots of behind-the-scenes analysis featuring Spike's master of all things gaming Geoff Keighley and a smattering of your favorite Kotaku editors.

Things kick off on Monday, June 4, with Microsoft's showcase, followed by EA, Ubisoft and Sony. Nintendo rounds it out Tuesday morning.

Closer to the show, we'll post a reminder with a full rundown if times for all the big events.


Spike Presents Live Coverage of EA's "The Download: EA 2012 Preview" As Part of "E3 All Access Live" Special [Spike.com]

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I'm loyal reader here for years... And while I'm happy u guys are doing this ( second year Ina row right) with Spike and I know this just advertising I like point out G4 has been doing this since 2005 and unless I hear this otherwise... They're doin the same exact thing spike is doin... So spike isn't the only network. Now if Spike is the only network to feature u guys... That's a different story. And sorry Stephen but Geoff can be annoying sometimes.