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See Two Minutes of BioShock Infinite's Award-winning E3 Demo, the Whole Thing Next Week on Spike TV

Irrational Games has been slowly drip-feeding us portions of its behind closed doors, 14-minute-long E3 2011 demonstration of BioShock Infinite, a preview that helped the game secure the Game Critics' "Best of Show" and "Best Action/Adventure Game" awards. Soon, you'll be able to see it in its entirety.


Spike TV will air the full preview of BioShock Infinite next week, July 7, as part of a half-hour special dedicated to the game. Games maven Geoff Keighley will host, with Irrational Games creative director Ken Levine talking up the next entry in the BioShock universe.

To further whet your appetite for the full demo that blew us away, Irrational offers the first two minutes of that demo, a teaser that only hints at the breadth of next year's game.


BioShock Infinite is on the books for a 2012 release on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Ok, so I got to play Bioshock 1 and 2 recently and have to say I wasn't all that impressed. I loved it for the first 5 hours or so but then I started to notice major flaws.

The first flaw was the lack of variety, the entire game world felt very samey throughout. The different areas weren't very distinguishable from one another as they all had the same style applied to them. I get why that was the case, and it would have been fine if it wasn't for the other flaws.

The next main one is no progression of the enemies. The Big Daddy you fight at the start is the same as the Big Daddy you fight at the end, obviously incredibly easy to beat in comparison as well since you've built up your arsenal. They were all the same, why not mix it up a little? Again this adheres to the point above of all areas feeling similar. And the end boss was ridiculously easy and very anti-climactic.

The other flaw (disappointment?) was the total disregard of plasmids after the initial 3 or 4. I was really hoping for some cool environmental puzzles involving your plasmids, and this is what you're lead to believe from the outset using Electrobolt (that correct?) to override door locks, Telekenesis to aquire items you couldn't reach etc. Then after those few... there was nothing. Cyclone, the insect plasmid, the cloaking plasmid, why are they there? They're not even that effective against splicers compared to the others, I was very disappointed by this fact.

Bioshock 2 was in the same boat, the surroundings were samey again, all of the same enemies returned with a couple of additions (one splicer and the Big Sister I think) and the exact same plasmid puzzles returned at the beginning and were totally ignored there after.

I find that the first 5 hours were great, but after that I felt I was playing the same 5 hours again and again simply with a different plot point. I'm talking gameplay wise here, the game premise and story were very compelling and unique, which is one of the reasons I finished both to their ends despite being pretty bored by the gameplay.

That said, Bioshock Infinite has potential to change this, the surroundings are completely different and have potential to offer a lot more variation in design to what an underwater setting could. So I'm quite looking forward to this regardless of what I thought of the previous two, will likely wait to see when previews/reviews start coming out though before purchasing.