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Don't Miss Tonight's Kotaku-Filled Episode of GameTrailers TV

Tonight on Spike TV, Joel Johnson, Stephen Totilo, and Brian Crecente spend several minutes chatting with GameTrailers TV's Geoff Keighley on the roof of Kotaku's New York City headquarters about the big fall game releases, and not one of them ironically plummets to the street below.


If you happen to be up and about tonight at 1:05AM Eastern time, do tune into this week's episode of GameTrailers TV, if only to see three of New York City's finest (Kotaku editors) risking life and limb to discuss this fall's game lineup with former Kotaku guest editor Geoff Keighley. Record it to your favorite television recording device, import the footage to your computer, and make them dance like marionettes for your amusement.

Or just watch them talk and be informed. I suppose that's okay too.

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Not quite sure about this one. I have mixed feelings. It was fun seeing your offices and you all in your natural element, but uh... I feel like they were trying to get at something here. Specifically, just by perhaps some editing, they seemed to give the impression that you all are like normal game journalists... just without any standards.

Do you know what I mean? After watching it, it just gave me that impression. I'm sure you all do have -some- standards. I know you have never really listed or even mentioned them, but uh... certainly Kotaku must have some kind of standards to go by, right? They seemed to be hinting at some idea and trying to get Crecente to say that you all may have a leg up on others through not being encumbered by responsible journalistic practices. It just appeared a bit odd in their portrayal.

Anyway, I was interested to see Joel highlighted a bit! It seems Totilo gets his day in the sun quite often, and Crecente has his appearances. But Joel's sort of the mad overlord behind the scenes. So it's nice to see him out there as a human being.

Good show, all in all. You all should get interviewed more often! ;)