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We Totally Dominated That Last GameTrailers Episode and You Should Watch It

Illustration for article titled We Totally Dominated That Last GameTrailers Episode and You Should Watch It

Speaking of roofs (rooves?), GameTrailers TV went on ours in New York this week with Totilo, Crecente and Joel. Fahey is still en route, delayed by the hurricane. Boy is he gonna be pissed.


Anyhow, the show kicks off GTTV's fall preview and gives you a look inside our offices at Gawker headquarters in New York, which now that I think of it, I have never seen before. And I've worked for this company for three years. Crecente and gang talk about how the sausage is made, discuss their most anticipated games coming in the remainder of 2011, and Joel will even tell you who came up with our site's title.

Mega64 also has a hilarious game announcement: DLC: The Game. You'll definitely want to preorder that. Check it out.


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Koda Kazar

I don't really understand why you guys aren't excited for Uncharted 3 just because it is a franchise sequel and we know what we are going to get.

Practically every other major release from September-onwards is a franchise sequel, and Arkham City aside, we know what we are going to get in them.

Rage is really the only super major release from September-onwards that is an original IP, and Arkham City is one of the only franchise sequels really doing anything different, going from a somewhat linear experience to an open world experience.

So, like I said, I don't really understand your guys' stance when you compare what you said about Uncharted 3 with all of the other major fall releases.