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Don't Miss This Week's Kotaku Trailers TV, Guest-Starring Geoff Keighley

Illustration for article titled Dont Miss This Weeks emKotaku/em Trailers TV, Guest-Starring Geoff Keighley

Gawker's New York City headquarters is on fire in this week's episode of GameTrailers TV, as host Geoff Keighley shows the world how good three Kotaku editors look standing on a rooftop with the wind rustling their shirts.


Aside from miss earthquakes, not working out of Gawker's New York City office means I also don't get to appear on Spike TV this Thursday at 1:05AM Eastern time alongside Joel Johnson, Stephen Totilo, and the thoughtful Brian Crecente. They'll be on the show discussing the biggest games of the year, along with a few hidden gems that only loyal Kotaku readers know about.

So stay up late or set your favorite television recording device; this one features three people I've had dinner with.


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Can this be viewed online? ......From Canada?