Happy 20th Birthday to Terranigma, the SNES RPG America Missed Out On

On October 20, 1995, Enix released Quintet’s Tenchi Sōzō, a spiritual followup to their earlier ARPG Gaia Gensōki, or Illusion of Gaia, in Japan. Nintendo localized and published the game as Terranigma in Europe and Australia—but unlike Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma never officially made it to North America.
»10/20/15 8:30am10/20/15 8:30am

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Future’s Past Has The Worst Combat System

Back in 1994, I spent time — far, far too much time — trying to make the combat system in this game work for me; I loved Captain Picard, Commander Data, and Lieutenant Worf that much, but it’s so counterintuitive, so tedious, and so time-consuming, that it ruins the entire experience — even though it only makes up… »8/16/15 2:00pm8/16/15 2:00pm

These Drawings Were Made By the Bad Guys In Legend of Zelda

The other day I was playing SNES on an emulator and it suddenly struck me: The incredible amount of work that went into creating every single tiny box of light on that screen. It sounds like a simple point, but less so when you glimpse the math and complexity behind video games in action. »1/16/15 11:05am1/16/15 11:05am