The Walking Dead As A SNES Run And Gun Game

A game like this wouldn't be about important decisions or character development, but rather blowing up endless armies of zombies in a top-down view. » 3/18/15 9:00am 3/18/15 9:00am

Custom "SNES" New 3DS Is Pretty Much The Perfect Nintendo Handheld

Some versions of the New 3DS share a (button) colour scheme with the original JP/PAL Super Nintendo, but you know, for some people—like me—that's not enough. We want a complete SNES tribute. » 3/12/15 11:30pm 3/12/15 11:30pm

Crazy SNES Controller Had All The Buttons

In the late 90s, Canadian company TranDirect Holding had an idea: what if you could connect a Super Nintendo to a phone line, and use it to do your banking on? And what if instead of using a regular SNES controller, you used a sweet custom BANKING CONTROLLER. » 2/11/15 9:00pm 2/11/15 9:00pm

These Drawings Were Made By the Bad Guys In Legend of Zelda

The other day I was playing SNES on an emulator and it suddenly struck me: The incredible amount of work that went into creating every single tiny box of light on that screen. It sounds like a simple point, but less so when you glimpse the math and complexity behind video games in action. » 1/16/15 11:05am 1/16/15 11:05am

Charity Speedrunner Has Mastered One of My Favorite Games Ever

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars was the first role-playing game I ever played, and it took me years to beat it when I was a kid. Then this guy did it in under three hours. » 1/10/15 12:30pm 1/10/15 12:30pm

SNES Turned Into Dracula's Tomb From Castlevania

Thanks to its smooth design, modding the PAL version of the Super Nintendo seems like a fun thing to do. There's a lot of room for redecoration. Belgian artist Vadu Amka transformed one of these into a Castlevania-themed crypt of Dracula. » 1/02/15 9:30am 1/02/15 9:30am

The Opening Sequence to Super Metroid is a Masterpiece

It's been a little over two decades since Super Metroid debuted on the Super Nintendo, and it's lost none of its power in the intervening years. » 12/19/14 11:00am 12/19/14 11:00am

Do you remember all these famous scenes from Final Fantasy VI that Mikaël "Orioto" Aguirre included in his awesome fan-art? The close-ups of Espers, Magitek, Kefka and that bloody Ultros might help. » 10/09/14 8:30am 10/09/14 8:30am

The Old Iron King from Dark Souls II is ready to unleash his flame breath attack in Ztagger's de-make art. It looks like a boss fight on the SNES or on the Game Boy Advance, so that flame breath wouldn't be larger than a few pixels. » 8/22/14 8:30am 8/22/14 8:30am

JRPG Characters Look So Good As 2D Sprites

Daniel "Abysswolf" Oliver's pixel art reminds me of the Metal Slug games, especially Barret's look in the Final Fantasy VII piece above. But he's mostly into JRPGs and recently, he remade the cast of a couple of classic games as detailed, colorful 2D sprites. » 8/15/14 9:00am 8/15/14 9:00am

The SNES And The Game Boy Advance Are Having A Baby

Rose Colored Gaming, whom you might remember by their impressive Luigi 2DS mod from last year, are coming out with a new Game Boy Advance model resembling the Super Nintendo. As you can see, they pretty much nailed the looks. » 7/04/14 4:00pm 7/04/14 4:00pm

The Mother Brain is just as intimidating as a Mayan God on Sita-Cardenas Navas' reimagination of the classic scene from Super Metroid. Finally, an ancient stone carving that might be evidence for extraterrestrial life! » 7/02/14 8:30am 7/02/14 8:30am

About Damn Time Someone Made a Yoshi SNES

This glossy piece of retro tech was made by Zoki64 on request. Which means you might be able to commission your own... but it won't be cheap. » 6/26/14 4:15pm 6/26/14 4:15pm

Kill Bill Would Be Perfect As A 2D Hack'n'Slash Game

Of course the old-school SNES version of Tarantino's Kill Bill would be a fast-paced hack 'n' slash with huge boss fights and little mini-games. » 6/25/14 9:00am 6/25/14 9:00am

Few Things On Earth Are Prettier Than Super Famicom Box Art