Monkey Island Creator Wanted Lobotomized Criminals In His First Game

Maniac Mansion and The Secret of Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert has been quietly releasing some amazing pieces of gaming history on his official website. Today, he's uploaded a look of his first design document for Lucasfilm Games. The unproduced game would've been called I Was A Teenage Lobot, and marked the first… »1/09/15 12:45pm1/09/15 12:45pm

Listen To A Rock Formation Tell Jokes In This Trailer For Double Fine's New Game

While they might be getting the most attention for their as-yet-unnamed Kickstarter project, Double Fine actually has another adventure game on the docket, and one designed by Ron Gilbert no less. While our own Kirk Hamilton got a preview of The Cave with Mr. Gilbert himself, there's been a dearth of game footage… »11/30/12 9:00pm11/30/12 9:00pm