Monkey Island Fans Should Definitely Check Out This Enormous 30th Birthday Peek Into The Game's Source Code

An early concept for Governor Elaine Marley vs her final design.
An early concept for Governor Elaine Marley vs her final design.
Image: Video Game History Foundation

Monkey Island turned 30 this year, and as part of the celebrations the Video Game History Foundation have put together this exhaustive look at the game’s source code, featuring 100x more pieces of early art and unused animation than I ever thought we’d see for a game this old.

From preliminary designs for Guybrush—some elements of which snuck quietly into the game—to an entirely different Governor, it’s a fascinating look at all the work that went into one of the greatest video games ever made.

It’s incredible. And then, when you’re done scrolling through all that, there’s this 2.5-hour chat with Ron Gilbert, where he talks about his memories of the game and its production.

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Excuse me while I nerd out really hard to this.

I would love a GOOD Monkey Island 5 or a remastered copy of CoMI, come on Disney I want to give you more of my money.