Defeating Enemies Increases Your Bust Size in This Game

D3 Publisher hasn’t always been the most subtle developer with games like the Dream Club series and Metal Gear Panty-er I mean Summer-Colored High School. Their new upcoming game for the PS Vita, Omega Labyrinth carries on the D3 Publisher traditional unhindged libido wackiness with an unhealthy obsession with boobs. » 8/20/15 6:30am 8/20/15 6:30am

Finally: Zero Escape Volume 3 Is Officially Official

Zero Escape Volume 3 was announced today at the Aksys Games Panel at Anime Expo in LA. They’re aiming for a summer 2016 release on 3DS and Vita, and Western localizations are being produced simultaneously with the Japanese version. This, by the way, is something I’m excited about. Like, sincerely. No joke! » 7/03/15 5:07pm 7/03/15 5:07pm