The Vita Gets A Sweet-Looking New Action Game

Freedom Wars, announced for Japan last year, is coming to North America at some point in 2014. Sony announced the news on their YouTube channel alongside this new trailer (above) for the upcoming Vita game, which lets you team up with other players to take down monsters and shoot your way through prison colonies. » 4/14/14 10:22am Monday 10:22am

Tecmo Koei Wants Me to Buy Their Game Again (Again)

Toukiden [討鬼伝] is the samurai vs demon hunting game that was released last year on the PS Vita and PSP. Now, Tecmo Koei has announced Toukiden Kiwami [討鬼伝 極], an upgraded version of the original with additional story, equipment, and enemies. » 4/03/14 7:00am 4/03/14 7:00am

A Game Where You Decide What Your Companions Say (And How They Say It)

Freedom Wars is the upcoming hunting game for the PS Vita where you play a prisoner working off a million year sentence. In the game, players work together along with android companions called "Accessories." Apparently these Accessories can talk and I want to hear what they have to say. » 3/06/14 7:30am 3/06/14 7:30am

A Vita game I can't stop playing: If you've got a Vita, check out Surge Deluxe, a highly enjoyable (and addictive) electro-charged tile-matching game from Futurlab. At a certain point it clicks, and you'll be hooked. Futurlab's next game will be Velocity 2X for Vita and PS4. » 3/05/14 9:00pm 3/05/14 9:00pm