Amazon Offers Persona 4 Social Link Expansion Pack

Atlus fans are also big fans of Atlus swag, and you cannot get much more swaggy than the Persona 4 Social Link Expansion Pack. This limited edition bundle, available for pre-order now via Amazon.com » 10/08/08 8:00pm 10/08/08 8:00pm or for our brave Canadian Ice Spider Assault Teams, features four choice bits of Persona 4 memorabilia for the low…

Join The Atlus Faithful, Win A Strange Bear Creature

Atlus, the company desperately trying to bring every quirky Japanese game they can to North America, wants you to join their cause. The Atlus Faithful is the Atlus fan service mailing list, that delivers news on upcoming games, special deals, screenshots, and other goodness to fans around the globe. They're really… » 10/02/08 10:00pm 10/02/08 10:00pm