Elder Scrolls Plush is Not Poisonous, Just Cute

Netch are basically giant land jellyfish, domesticated in the region of Morrowind for their hide and jelly. They also have huge, strong tentacles, and are quite vicious when you come at them with a sword. So why wouldn't you want one?

In Morrowind, where they were introduced, Bull Netch would try to bludgeon you to death and sometimes poison you when threatened. The Elder Scrolls Online version, which this toy is based on, sticks to just bludgeoning.


So yeah, Netch can be pretty dangerous. Not Gaming Heads' version, though—they're made of fluffy cloth, measure a mere 18cm by 21 cm by 30 cm, and have goofy little teeth:

Aww. If you do want one, they're available for $20 a pop over at Gaming Heads' site. If not, have a look at a couple more shots:


TESO Bull Netch screenshot via NOPP@Imgur

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